Lyceum Theatre

The stunning London Westend Theatre, Lycuem is currently running the houseful shows of blockbuster, The Lion King. Disney's award winning London show is a must watch for theatre lovers and people of all ages. The magnificent Lyceum Theatre's existence is more than two centuries and has quite similar features of Phoenix.

With quite a humble and modest beginning, Lyceum Theatre attained unimaginable height and attain peak. Although, the theatre experienced the bad phase, still it never lost heart and regain his success saga with its regal evolution.

In the year 1771, another theatre with the same name was erected, and was just 100 yards away from the current venue. The old Lyceum Theatre was renowned for hosting varied entertainment events such as boxing, fencing, concerts and public debates. During the initial years of Lyceum Theatre, some hugely popular events were also organised as well as performed by one of the noted English actors, theatre manager, playwright and producer David Garrick.

From the year 1794 to 1809, Philip Astley showcased circus at the Lyceum Theatre. His own amphitheatre was burnt and destroyed at Westminster. In the year 1802, Lyceum Theatre used to exhibit artworks of Madam Tussaud and also hosted as a chapel and concert room.

The grand history of stunning Lyceum Theatre attained its major milestone in the year 1809, as it was granted the license of hosting spoken drama. Year 1816 marked rebuilding of the house by Samuel Beazely for Samuel Arnold. It was reopened as The English Opera House. In the year 1830, theatre was closed after a fire broke there and destroyed everything.

Lyceum Theatre enjoyed huge fame when it became the first theatre which was lit by gas. The theatre recreated history with London premiere of Mozart's acclaimed opera. Year 1871 witnessed great association of Lyceum Theatre with Henry Irving. Some of his renowned enactments were in the works of Shakespeare especially Hamlet.

In the year 1951, Lyceum Theatre London was converted into ballroom along with performances from various renowned bands like Oscar Rabin band. From the era of 60s to 70s, theatre performed as a venue for pop concerts and television broadcasts. In the year 1999, The Lion King made its debut and made the whole world awestruck with its spellbinding performances. The heart touching musical is whole heartedly welcomed by people from all across the globe.